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Baker's Pure Gold - butter blend

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Baker’s Pure Gold is the perfect butter replacer and can essentially replace butter in any application.

For laminated pastry, the ideal usage temperature is around 5°C.

For ‘butter’ creams and cake batters, 15-20°C is the ideal working temperature. Thanks to its unique oil blend, Baker’s Pure Gold has excellent whipping properties resulting in batters which can be  more aerated compared to butter (up to 10% more!).


Replace butter by Baker's Pure Gold and save money, while maintaining an excellent butter taste

Thanks to its unique blend of vegetable oils and fats, Baker’s Pure Gold has a comparable melting profile as butter, resulting in an exceptional taste and a mouthfeel that is comparable to butter. Baker’s Pure Gold is the perfect butter alternative in every possible food application.

Next to its excellent taste, Baker's Pure Gold brings several other benefits:

  • Price: thanks to its mainly vegetable nature, Baker’s Pure Gold has a significantly lower price than butter and longer contracting terms are possible
  • Free from additives, resulting in a lean declaration on your end product.
  • Nutritional profile: 10% less saturated fat than butter
  • Eco-friendly: largely plant-based with an eco footprint 5 times lower compared to butter
  • Constant quality: no difference between summer and winter

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Melting profile of BAKER'S Pure gold vs butter

The melting profile of Baker's Pure Gold is exactly the same like butter, making it the perfect butter alternative on the market.